Terms & Conditions:

  1. Four Periodical Services in 1 year from the date of receipt.
  2. Any additional visit during AMC Period upon request by customer/consumer is on chargeable basis.
  3. Contract Period: Term of AMC will be 12 Months from the date of receipt. It can be renewed 2 weeks before ending of AMC.
  4. Payment, if done via cheque, will be in favor of “JMD Water Healer Pvt. Ltd.”
  5. Price of AMC will remain same if continued from starting, may be increased if chain broken, and amount for AMC according to water purifier actual conditions and their uses and AMC will become active after 1 week, if not remain in continuity from starting.
  6. For taking AMC, machine should be in proper running condition, picture/photo of machine is mandatory for starting AMC, if not in continuity.
  7. We use Genuine Spare Parts and equality to specifications.
  8. Casual calls for providing service or repairing of machine and buying of AMC on the spot will be charged as a normal service cost without AMC.
  9. Service will be on demand basis, company is not giving any mandatory service, 4 periodic service will be provided as per AMC, getting complimentary with machine upon request to be made on either on toll free number or via email.
  10. All parts, depending on the category of AMC are covered under AMC, check details as follows:
    1. Essential 4 services, filter (excluding alkaline), SV, Pump, water level sensor. 3500
    2. Advanced Essential (type 1) + heating device + cooling device and all electrical parts (excluding LCD Panel). 5500
    3. Comprehensive Essential (type 1) + Advanced (type 2) + membrane* (RO/UF) + Alkaline filter. 8500

    *membrane to be changed only 1 time during the period of AMC, if required.

  11. Service under this contract excludes the following:
    a. Paint of machine.
    b. Scratches, general wear and tear, breakage of machine from outside.
  12. Company will try to solve the problem being faced by customer in maximum period of 3 working days from the date of complaint. However, company will always try to solve the problem on the same day basis but the same is not being committed/promised by the company at the time of high/heavy work load days.
  13. In order to enable iliv to discharge its obligation under this AMC, the customer shall not shift the installation from original address to any other address, if to be done then the same to be intimated to the company in advance and the same to be done by the company and the cost will be borne by the customer, this will not be treated as a part of this AMC.
  14. This contract is not transferrable not terminable in any manner (resale, transferred, and shifting).
  15. Company reserves the right to the renewal of AMC after the expiry of AMC, depends on the terms and conditions followed by customer.
  16. In the event of complaint, please mail on or call on toll free number 1800 2121 00786 and do mention your name, address, invoice number, if AMC is there then its number along with machine number.
  17. Intimation of the completion of AMC will be done by company either via call or via email but only for 1 time, then decision to be taken by customer only. Delay in taking decision should not fall on company and same will not be accepted as a reason for renewing AMC.
  18. This contract sets out all terms and conditions of which Company agree to service the and cancels and supersedes all priority agreements, undertaking of arrangements, oral or written between the parties on the subject matter.
  19. Company reserves the right to cancel the AMC at any point of time, if machine is being serviced by any person not authorised by the company or by any third party.
  20. Company shall not be held liable for any problem in machine arises out of wrongful usage, misuse, negligence, bad storage or bad transportation etc.
  21. no employee or officer has a right to waive any part of the contract or any terms and conditions other than the directors of the company.
  22. All prices of AMC are subject to increase without any prior intimation.
  23. This contract is subject to FORCE MAJEURE.
  24. Any dispute or difference of any nature whatsoever arising out of or in relation to this contract or any manner incidental there to or any claim, cross claim, counter-claim, or set off regarding any right, liability, act or omission of any of the parties here to shall be referred to the sole arbitration of the arbitration to be nominated by the company. The award of arbitrator should be final, conclusive and binding on both the parties hereto. Place of arbitration will be Delhi and courts of Delhi alone have the jurisdiction to deal with the arbitration proceedings and the award in accordance with the law.
  25. All disputes are subject to jurisdiction of Delhi courts only.